Hugo Alfvén

Art and Music

Hugo Alfvén – Art and Music

1 May – 16 October 2022

A less known facet of Swedish composer and violinist Hugo Alfvén (1872–1960) is highlighted in this exhibition – his achievements as an oil painter and watercolourist. Alfvén, above all known as one of Sweden’s most renowned composers, was a dedicated landscape painter from early on, first in the contemporary style of Swedish National Romanticism, and later depicting detailed and light-flooded scenes from his travels to the Mediterranean island of Capri. The exhibition includes a number of works from Alfvén’s circle of artist friends, such as Alice Nordin, Marie Krøyer, Prince Eugen, Anders Zorn and Carl Milles. This smaller exhibition in the Bernadotte Room is part of a national celebration of the 150th anniversary of Alfvén’s birth. It is arranged – along with a programme of lectures and concerts – jointly with the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, the Alfvén Museum in Tällberg and the Alfvén Foundation.