Light over Sea and Land – The Önningeby Colony on Åland

14 May 2022 – 26 march 2023

Joining the year-long centenary celebration of the autonomy of the Åland Islands, Waldemarsudde will host the first ever Swedish exhibition featuring the nineteenth century artist’s colony at Önningeby on Åland, a highly interesting but often overlooked group. Active from 1886 until 1914, the colony was made up of mostly Swedish, Finnish and Estonian artists. This exhibition highlights many of the Swedish and Finlandic Önningeby painters’ most important works depicting the island’s rural landscape and the Åland archipelago, along with portraits of their artist friends and photographs from life in the community.

The artists represented here include J.A.G. Acke, Ida Gisiko-Spärck, Anna Wengberg and Edvard Westman from Sweden, and Victor Westerholm, Elin Danielson-Gambogi, Hanna Rönnberg, Ellen Favorin, Amélie Lundahl, Eva Acke, Elias Muukka and Helmi Sjöstrand from Finland.

The exhibition is produced in partnership with the Önningeby Museum on Åland.