Women Pioneers – Visionary Landscapes

March 4 – August 20, 2023

Our major spring exhibition presents the oeuvres of four women pioneers and visionaries of landscape painting, whose works from around the turn of the century 1900 are featured. The artists chosen are Ester Almqvist (1869–1934), Anna Boberg (1864–1935), Ellen Trotzig (1878–1949) and Charlotte Wahlström (1849–1924). The art historical writing of the past regarding landscape painting from this period has mainly focused on works by male artists. In this exhibition the perception of Swedish landscape art from around 1900 has been broadened and deepened, at the same time as a number of distinguished, but seldom exhibited, women artists have emerged from the shadows and are here seen in their own right.

One part of the exhibition is dedicated to an in-depth study of the impact of theosophy on Swedish landscape painting. Anna Boberg, Charlotte Wahlström and Hilma af Klint all exhibited suggestive landscape paintings at two exhibitions arranged by the Swedish Theosphical Society in 1913, one of these was shown in Stockholm and the other on the island of Visingsö in Lake Vättern. In the part of the exhibition dedicated to theosophy, Hilma af Klint is represented by two lyrical and seldom-shown landscapes, which were on show in one of the afore-mentioned exhibitions. These works by Hilma af Klint extend the image of one of the most noted and interesting Swedish artists of our time.